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20 social media monitoring tools. Infographic

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Here is a quick guide which will help you to understand the suitability, pricing and key features of 20+ social media monitoring tools.

If you have managed to realise your potential and need to tailor few of your campaigns in social media, this infographic will help you.

20 social media monitoring tools. Infographic

1. Talkwalker
A tool trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world (Nike, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Starbucks, adidas) with powerful global listening coverage, analytics that allow you to dig deep into your audience data, and key data analytics tools.

2. Curalate
Focuses on image heavy social platforms (Instagram being the main focus) and works to help you best use the user generated content out there. The tool’s ability to curate images from social websites across the social web for you to use to push social proof and sales is remarkable.

3. Trackur
A ‘do it all’ tool that will help you track tweets, blog stats, website stats, and a variety of social networks. It all comes together to give you general reports on your social media, and online, marketing efforts.

4. Collective Intellect
This Oracle platform will help you capture a wide variety of conversation every day. You’re then free to join in and interact, or record for future marketing efforts.

5. Hootsuite
This just may be the most multi-purpose of all the tools listed. You can track nearly every social platform, plus WordPress blog activity. Conversation, hashtag, and keyword searches are organized in columns for real-time marketing at its best. Their click analytics can prove invaluable to properly planning your next move by knowing which links are getting clicks.

6. Crimson Hexagon
The basic premise of the tool is that it helps you listen in on social conversations. The specifics of it is that they use their Forsight Platform, Brightview Algorithm, and Affinities Analysis to properly interpret and collate these conversations. Yes, this is an advanced level tool for those with high data needs.

7. Topsy
A Twitter centered social tool for basic listening. You can search for keywords, hashtags, links, photos, and video. Not a long-term tool, but it can work as you try to determine what tool you actually want to use, or while testing your Twitter account.

The worlds first social media content analysis company (founded 1984) knows a thing or two about the online conversation business. This is an elite level service that combines computer driven data gathering with highly specialized human data analysts. This is not a ‘do it yourself’ solution as much of the data gathering is done by their team. They send this information to you via a dashboard you’re able to access at any time for social media planning.

9. Media Vantage
A social media monitoring and conversation tracking tool that specializes in real-time marketing. This is combined with mentions in traditional marketing avenues via search engine monitoring to give you a complete view of a specific campaign both online and offline.

10. Meltwater
World beating social media monitoring from one of the leading online PR firms in the world. Their globe spanning company, with branches in many major markets, can help you gain keen insight into your social relevance.

11. Ice Rocket
The free tool from Meltwater that lets you search the web, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook for brand mentions, or for any keyword you choose. You can use it to track brand sentiment across every online forum, or you can use it to find interesting new content and the people who are sharing it.

12. Mention
A useful tool meant specifically for real-time social media marketing. It functions via an app on your Android smartphone or iPhone by sending you alerts when your brand is mentioned. This can be great for a solo-entrepreneur who wants to get in on conversations as they happen.

13. Social Marketing Cloud
A tool designed to help you manage customer conversations across all social channels. It can also help you with email marketing, B2B marketing automation, and digital advertising.

14. Pinterest Web Analytics
This is Pinterest’s own, and recently updated, free analytics tool. Their new dashboard is highly visual, offering you insights at a glance. Work down further into the data using their tools and see your understanding of this exciting platform grow.

15. Tweetdeck
Twitter’s own scheduling and monitoring tool. You can schedule tweets in advanced, monitor keywords and hashtags, and divide your data into separate streams. It won’t help you with anything but Twitter; it is best for those with a dedicated Twitter manager who only wants to focus on the tweeting at hand.

16. Klout
A free tool whose best use isn’t to check in on and inflate your own ego with how influential you are. It’s best use is to see how else is influential in your industry, and seeing if you can swing them to your content and message. In short; it helps you find popular social users so that you can influence them.

17. Buffer
Another tool similar to Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, but with a handy browser add-on that makes sharing, and scheduling, exciting content easier. It can also auto-schedule your tweets for the best time in the day. All you have to do is keep your queue full of content you think will resonate well with your audience. Need content help? Here’s a guide to popular content ideas that you can almost always share.

18. NetBase
This tool has an interesting focus on determining the emotions, or sentiment, behind your social mentions. Tracking this alongside purchase decisions makes it a unique chance to watch social conversations and sales side-by-side.

19. NUVI
Combines your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts and shows you real-time conversations about your business. Their email and text alerts for shifts in sentiment can truly help those without a big PR team behind them.

20. Market Me Suite
Another one-stop platform for managing more than one social channel. It’s great for those who need to get organized, and give differing priorities to conversations happening online.



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